Why it Works

A Professional Roadmap to Success.

  • Computational chemistry formulations

  • Microbiome Repair

  • Responsive Treatment Approach

  • Prescriptive Home care

  • 24/7 Academy Access

Beyond Success

Knowledge is power, WISH for More.

  • Private Student Community with Forums

    Once enrolled in the course you will gain access to the Acne Mastery community.

  • Ongoing Course Access

    Stay up to date. Information around the topical microbiome and treating acne is changing rapidly.

  • White Glove Service

    Grow beyond education with access to team WISH and invaluable business development resources.

Only Clear Skin Days Ahead

Ready to take your esthetic business to new heights? Become a WISH•PRO™ Certified Acne Practitioner. Acne certification course open to licensed skincare professionals.

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“WISH has created a comprehensive approach to treating and clearing acne like I've not previously seen.”

Will Henghold MD

“I remember the tears and trying everything but the kitchen sink to try and clear my acne. It brings me great joy to be able to help others achieve the joy of rolling out of bed and being happy with what they see in the mirror. It's more than just products and treatments. Teaching ourselves that we are enough, and that we are so much more than what we see in the mirror is an important step to take when working to heal your skin.”

Katerina P.

“This 30 year veteran esthetician can't get enough! I have loved trying and using everything in the brand.”

Jennifer S.